The Train Ride (2020)

Short Fiction

My Role: Writer, director, editor.

Synopsis: When the expecting daughter of a priest and her Jewish boyfriend travel to her small hometown to attend the funeral of her uncle, they realize how difficult it is to accept each others religious heritage.
- Based on actual events.

Directed, Written & Edited by: Andreas Bøggild Monies
Produced by: Charlotte Sne Hoen
Production Designer: Camilla Lüders Weile

DOP: Kristoffer Engholm Aabo

Sound Design: Jacques Pedersen, Eske Nørholm
Composer: Dmitry Evgrafov
Sound Recording: Oliver Volz
Key Grip: Signe Rasmussen
Costume Designers: Maria Dannevang Thomsen, Freja Fransiska
Gaffer: Lasse Gudmand-Høyer

Cast: Karoline Brygmann, Nikolaj Dencker Schmidt


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