Oda Omvendt (2018)

Type: TV series

My Role: Editor

Synopsis: No more grownup tyranny - we're inverting you with child imagination! The magical inventor, Oda Upside Down, was born by her father, and came out with her feet first. Ever since and wherever she goes, she has turned things upside down. Oda Upside Down has invented a magical zapper, charged with imagination - and if a shot of imagination hits you, it truly becomes hard not to look at things a little bit upside down

Year: 2020

Director: Oliver Ussing
Edited by: Andreas Bøggild Monies & Martin Nygaard Friis
Produced by: Stine Meldgaard Madsen & Cathrine Skotte
Director of Photography: Agapi Triantafillis

Sound Design: Rune Clausen
Writers: Ida Mule Scott & Iben Albunis Sabroe
1st AD: Andrea Stief

Music: Katinka  Bjerregaard

Production Company: SAM Productions

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